Is SEO Dead?

is seo dead

There has been a lot of articles that has this title or written somewhere within the article. If you try searching for the word “SEO is dead” you will probably get a result of 12,800,000 or more but that’s just numbers. It is easy to say these words but in reality it all depends on how you do SEO. If you think SEO is about link spamming, blog posts spamming, keyword stuffing and among others, then that kind of activity practically kills SEO. So before we say that SEO is dead, let us learn what SEO is exactly.

SEO or search engine optimization is a process in optimizing a website to be more visible in the web or search engines.It is also helps in getting organic traffic to be directed to your website as well as getting ranked in search engine results. If you get to be rank on the first page then expect a huge boost in traffic which in turn can be converted to sales but that’s something deep to understand. If you have website for your business or someone who has an online business, you would definitely would want to do SEO for your site.The methods used in SEO are plenty. First you need to have a website and this is where the optimization begins. Creating unique and good quality content, title, meta tags and description, the design of the site and others are just some of the way to optimize a site. This is what they call on-page optimization.SEO can also be done outside of the website and this is called off-page optimization. Link building, guest blogging, press releases, marketing thru social media networking sites and social bookmarking sites are just some of the ways of doing this. These are just some of the usual ways of doing SEO but it doesn’t mean that is all. Since search engines tend to change their algorithm from to time, mostly with Google, the SEO strategy also changes in order to cope with it. Also now with citation, pages like Yelp, Yahoo, has become very significant in Search Engine Optimization.
There are lots of benefits you can get from SEO especially for online businesses that for it to be “dead” is very unlikely. If it was dead, then every time you search the web for something you will just end up with nonsense articles and meaningless rant. I believe that the reason why they say that “SEO is Dead” because the old ways of SEO is no longer of use. In the earlier days of internet and SEO was just as simple as making articles and spamming it on a lot of directories, link building and again spamming it to other networking sites and so on and so forth. To make it short, its all about quantity rather than quality.  One would argue that hotfrog is one of the most important factor for local search, especially in small countries like Singapore.

But as years pass, search engine’s algorithm has changed drastically especially for Google. The changes flushed out those unnecessary sites and leaving only those relevant and quality sites. For SEO experts or those who do SEO, they need to be always updated with the changes in the algorithm in order to continue to progress in their SEO efforts. SEO is never dead, as long as the algorithm changes so will SEO.

SEO Tips

Although SEO is really vast and there are lots things or methods to do before you can actually reach your goal, knowing the basics can be very important. Think of it as a stepping stone to achieve a higher level. In my opinion, content still has a huge impact in SEO efforts. In the earlier days of SEO, there were lots of techniques and they are even categories for it. These were white hat, black hat and grey hat SEO but that’sgonna be another topic to be discussed on. For now, watching the video will definitely fill you in with the necessary knowledge in getting your site optimized in the right way.


During my earlier days at college, I came across this program… well it was like some gibberish codes the first time I saw it but later I found out that it was called HTML codes. Took me a long time to understand and learn about it. Generally speaking, HTML is commonly used in any programming stuff and especially in web designing. Currently the use of HTML is somewhat applicable in editing certain layout in a page like resizing an image, changing the image of text or its colors or editing links. But if you are aiming for a much bigger design, then using only HTML could really take time. In this case CSS is much preferred choice in my opinion.

html code

Although CSS is good, you still need to know the very basics and that is,of course,about HTML. It is a must in this day to learn about it since it is still being used especially if you are a programmer or a web designer. Think about like learning how to read. You first need to know the letters and how to read each one of them before you can actually read a whole paragraph. In short, HTML code is the stepping stone in web design or programming. Without this I’m pretty sure we’ll be having a hard time in our work.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good day everyone! Now I am going to show you the importance of SEO in the world of web design. I will give you a short description about SEO. SEO is a process in which a site is being tweaked in order for it to be visible on most search engines today, mainly Google. So how is SEO connected to web design?

SEO isn’t just connected to web design, rather they are partnered together. Like a sandwich or something. Both of them mainly focus on the improvement of a site. Both work differently but for a same purpose like partners in crime… that sort of thing. For those who are new to SEO, you should probably start learning them if you are ever planning to make a site of your own. I will tell more about it at a different article but for now let’s I’m going to share my thoughts about the partnership of these two.


SEO works on improving the site’s visibility on the web (or search engine in this matter) while the web design part focuses on improving the site’s outward look and appearance. Creating only a visually impressive layout for a site isn’t enough when you are facing a somewhat site with simple design and has been optimized. Yeah, you got a very great looking site and visitors stay longer but the numbers aren’t all that great. In this case, you definitely need to increase your visibility rate on search engines. And here where SEO comes into play. If you have these two, then you are gonna round up those visits more.